Family Additions

So I’m sitting in my car outside the PetSmart location where I am to pick up Violet, a 4 month old Pit Bull mix puppy. For months I’ve responded to my daughter’s pleas for a dog with a host of excuses related to how busy we both are, to how expensive a dog would be. And then I saw Violet’s picture shared on a friend’s Facebook page. And then my eyes were opened, like the disciples who encountered the risen Lord on their way – busy, exhausted, occupied with life – to Emmaus, a place with no room for Jesus stuff.

I saw this pooch and I recognized her as ours.


I mean, how could you not right? She is adorable, but I’d seen pictures of adorable pups needing to be adopted for months (despite my objections, I kept looking for the right dog). I can’t explain what changed, what was different about Violet. All I know is that my eyes were opened.

And now it’s time to take her home with me, with us, and I find myself feeling the same emotions as I did when it was time to take my daughter home from the hospital after her birth. Would I be a good parent? Would she like me? Would I be able to handle all the challenges ahead? Would my heart be pierced? All these same questions now occupy my mind and I am a bundle of nerves.

What have I gotten myself into, I wonder. Someone upon hearing the news that I had chosen to adopt a dog remarked that it was an “expensive treat.” I replied back, “I see it as adding to our family.”

Indeed, love gives and gives and gives and makes room time and again, because love has no limit to its capacity. Not true love.

I admit that I didn’t get all the hullabaloo about pet owners for a long time. I get it now.

And now it’s time to bring my newest family member home. Let the adventures begin!

4 thoughts on “Family Additions

  1. I too adopted a dog from planned pethood. We were visiting family for Thanksgiving. We went into pet Co just to pet a few animals and leave. Turk (then Lucky) grabbed our hearts the moment we saw him. More me than my husband lol. We left that day and I felt like I needed to go back and see him. My husband and I agreed to try to adopt him. 3 weeks later we made the 2 hour trip to meet his foster family. I will remember this drive the rest of my life. He is the BEST dog we have ever had. He is a true family member and everyone who meets him makes comments about what a good boy he is.


  2. I love this post!! I am the Applications Coordinator for Planned Pethood and I fell head over heels in love when I received your application. Best of luck with your new addition!! I’m sure she will be super happy with you as her new family!!


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